IISL’s independent Testing and Compliance service help organizations worldwide develop application testing strategies and execution models that focus on defect prevention rather than defect correction. We offer our clients world-class solutions that draw on our deep practical domain knowledge functional and non-functional; an incisive understanding of the quality process; the technological capability to deliver application testing services for any platform; and alliances with industry leaders in test automation.

Service offerings:
In line with our vision of being a Full Services Test Partner, we use international frameworks and industry best practices along with our proprietary ADVaNTAge approach and Domain Test Accelerators to offer services that span the entire spectrum of testing requirements:

  • Test Advisory Services
  • Test Centers of Excellence
  • End-to-End Testing Services

We follow a business-outcome-oriented methodology, whereby the key indicators tracked during service delivery are categorized into:

Performance Metrics:

  • Value index
  • Efficiency index
  • TAT
  • C-SAT
  • Business Availability/Growth

Financial Metrics:

  • UAT effort spent
  • Effort/schedule variance
  • Execution productivity
  • Test case yield

Quality Metrics:

  • Defect density/test scenarios
  • Rework effort
  • % defect class
  • Defect slippage
  • Defect removal efficiency
  • Defect detection


IISL has matured a detailed testing methodology–ADVaNTAge–based on experience across multiple industry domains in the independent software and system testing and compliance business.

Our approach to testing involves the following steps:

  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Validate
  • Normalize & Transition
  • Achieve Goals Established

Founded on global best practice frameworks like CMMi Ver 1.2, TMMi, TPI, and Val IT, this approach focuses on maximizing the quantifiable value derived by our clients across cost, quality, and performance metrics.

It maintains a three-dimensional focus on technology, domain, and delivery excellence to ensure that every service we deliver

  • Shortens time-to-market
  • Optimizes costs and time needed to move into steady-state operations
  • Achieves the “value objectives” and business outcomes that our clients set
  • Provides flexible yet outcome-focused delivery models
  • Increases efficiencies and reduces defects through automation


Domain Test Accelerators enable efficient, speedy, quality-driven growth:

IISL has leveraged its domain expertise and over 100,000+ test assets across industries like BFSI, manufacturing, retail, telecom, pharma, healthcare, and life sciences to offer Domain Test Accelerators domain-focused testing solutions that slash the time required for test designing and accelerate the testing process in an organization.

What is Domain Test Accelerators?

Domain Test Accelerators are testing solutions and assets (e.g., test scenarios, test cases, and requirements available via the HP automation platform) that can be used to jumpstart testing activities in an organization, thus shortening the test lifecycle. For example, we have a set of test scripts and test cases that can be re-used across organizations in the same domain.

These assets, however, have to be configured and parameterized to each organization’s technological and business requirements before they can be re-used. Thus, when deployed, they become specifically relevant to each company’s unique needs.

How do businesses benefit from Domain Test Accelerators?

Domain Test Accelerators, which have been designed to leverage the model-based test approach by Smartesting and are readily available on the HP automation suite, include domain-specific test data, test case scenarios, scripts, and templates that

  • Reduce scenario identification and test case creation by 30% to 40% of a test lifecycle
  • Enhance test coverage (both positive and negative)
  • Reduce the involvement of the customer functional team in testing by up to 50%

Our clients range from leading multinational corporations to single-center operations. That’s why we offer flexible engagement models. You can choose from among onsite, offsite, or offshore delivery arrangements and the following engagement models:

  • Operational: For short-term needs arising chiefly out of resource constraints, 3i Infotech offers time- or resource-based engagements you can draw on our expertise to arrive at a solution.
    Tactical: For medium-term testing needs, CISSL offers an outcome-oriented service model where you can leverage our Domain Test Accelerators, tools, methodologies, and expertise and benefit from an end-to-end solution.
  • Strategic: For long-term, specialized access to domain expertise and testing infrastructure, CISSL offers a partnership model that enables the establishment of global Test Centers of Excellence, customized to your needs.
  • Test as a Service: For organizations wishing to leverage the power of automation without the associated CapEx, CISSL offers the entire test environment (automation, subject matter expertise, domain test accelerators, and test management) on a Pay-Per-Use model. This can be delivered via a private cloud (hosted at CISSL or the client site) or via a public cloud like Amazon Web Services.

Every arrangement gives you access to CISSL winning differentiators and peerless expertise that span the entire spectrum of application testing services:

  • Test Strategy Advisory
  • Test Process Advisory
  • Compliance Audit and Advisory
  • Manual to Automation
  • Pay-Per-Use Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Full Lifecycle Testing
  • Maintenance and Support Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Resilience Testing
  • Compliance Testing

IISL Winning Differentiators:

IISL is committed to excellence in service delivery. Over the last several years, we have built systems, methodologies, and partnerships that have helped our customers win time and again. Here is what sets IISL apart:

  • Domain Test Accelerators: With over 1500 customers across sectors like banking, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, retail, telecom, pharma, life sciences, healthcare, and utilities, we know what it takes to succeed. And we offer your business the benefits that come along with this in-depth domain knowledge through our suite of Domain Test Accelerators.
    A proprietary approach: Our proprietary methodology–ADVaNTAge (Analyze, Design, Validate, Normalize & Transition, Achieve goals established)–ensures that you get measurably better results across cost, quality, and performance metrics.
    Key alliances with companies featuring in Gartner Magic Quadrant: Our alliances with industry leaders in testing automation enable us to offer our clients best-in-class solutions and the most desired business outcomes Pay-Per-Use Automation services, reusable Domain Test Accelerators, and co-investment-based innovative solution accelerators. These partnerships also ensure that our testing consultants are equipped with the latest and widest range of tools, products, and approaches.
  • Test Centers of Excellence: Our Test Centers of Excellence offer a unified quality solution that is scalable, objective, and consistent. They are the answer to an organization’s need for cost-effective quality control.
    High-quality assurance and maturity standards: We are committed to excellence in service delivery we are an SEI CMMI Level 5 company and are ISO 9001:2000, ISO/IEC 27001:2005, and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005 certified. When you work with us, you are assured of robust and scalable systems and processes that facilitate cost-effective solutions and complete customer satisfaction.
  • World-class infrastructure: The businesses we serve benefit from our seven-layered security architecture; offshore, offsite, or onsite application testing services; and specialized testing infrastructure to match varying industry and business needs.
    When you choose IISL, you get access to these key differentiators that help us and in turn, you succeed. You get more than a solution; you get a competitive advantage.

Service Offering:

  • Test Advisory: IISL offers Test Strategy Advisory, Test Process Advisory, and Compliance Audit and Advisory services to help organizations build robust testing capabilities. We transform test management into a business enabler by integrating testing into the software development lifecycle and eliminating inefficiencies without compromising on speed or economy.
  • Test Centers of Excellence: Our Test Centers of Excellence (TCoE) offer time- and cost-effective Pay-Per-Use Automation, Manual Automation, and Performance Testing services. We operate on customizable frameworks to build high-performance, quality-driven testing hubs that deliver a 30% productivity leap, ensure the reliability of mission-critical systems and minimize deployment risks.
  • End-to-end Testing: IISL End-to-End testing services integrate efficient quality assurance into the software lifecycle, while freeing up resources, cutting costs, and supporting regulatory compliance. We offer Compliance Testing, Full Life Cycle Testing, Maintenance and Support, Product Testing, and Resilience Testing, enabling organizations to improve key performance metrics while managing risks.