Transforming the Digital Consumer Experience

The Media industry continues its profound digital transformation. Supply chains are re-defined, products and services reconfigured, and whole business models are revamped. The only constant in this evolving, connected and personalized world is changing.

Digital consumer experiences are a synthesis of all the interactions of actual or potential customers. This extends from the advertising that precedes direct interaction, the interaction with the product, to post-sale follow-up and resulting in repeat purchases. Shifting consumer expectations have dramatically altered revenue sources; from traditional format to new digital streams. Success in this environment requires business and technology innovation at a pace that has not been witnessed before.

IISL’s contribution

At IISL, digital transformation is in the fabric and roots of our company. We draw on extensive Media industry experience drawn from working with leading publishers, entertainment conglomerates, and OTT players to create and deliver solutions that span the entire Media value chain. We enable these solutions with our repository of reusable Wipro assets and from partnerships with many leading technology providers. In particular, we focus on:

Multi-channel readiness Rights and royalty management Direct-to-consumer transformation Digital asset production

We extend our commitment to the industry by enabling client partnering and delivering go-to-market solutions and products. Wipro believes in growing with clients and is not afraid to share risk, be it in mobile or other advanced platform ventures. In emerging technology domains, we also leverage relevant experiences from other areas of Wipro, including many relevant industries, such as Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Retail. A connected ecosystem that maximizes enterprise value is how we thrive with our clients. We partner with our Media customers for new content product launches, consumer experience improvement initiatives, and additional investments that help our clients realize new revenue streams.

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