IISL provides banking organizations a specialized portfolio of services, software, and solution accelerators to tackle their most important challenges such as enhancing security, meeting changing regulatory requirements, and delivering superior customer service.

Corporate Banking:

Kastle Asset Liability Management

A rich analytical tool for liquidity and interest rate risk management, ensuring both ALCO and regulatory compliance.

Kastle Risk Management

Basel II compliant market risk management solution that includes tools for regulatory compliance and risk control, enabling better business decisions.

Kastle Factoring

Web-based factoring solution offering receivables finance companies complete control over CRM, document management, credit risk analyses, BI, and Fraud Management

Factor/SQL – Factoring Software (North America)

Factor/SQL is a cost-efficient portfolio management platform that minimizes risks; facilitates accurate, real-time reporting; and builds information-enabled customer relationships.

Kastle Treasury

A complete front-through-back-office solution covering all asset classes and derivatives for better risk management and accelerated decision-making.

Retail Banking:

AMLOCK – Anti Money Laundering

Cutting-edge technology that streamlines customer due diligence and facilitates transaction monitoring to strengthen fraud detection and offer complete risk control.

Kastle Crx – Financial Analytics and Credit Risk System

Advanced Credit Risk and Financial Analytics tools to prevent losses and balance business growth and credit risk.

FCDMS-Financial Crime Detection and Management

FCDMS is a scalable web application that effectively plugs security vulnerabilities, reduces the incidence of financial crime, and minimizes downtime.

Kastle Core Banking

Robust Internet banking, core banking, retail banking, and Islamic banking capabilities for simplified operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Kastle Internet Banking

Give your banking organization a distinct competitive edge with the technology-powered, enriched customer experience provided by Kastle Internet Banking.

Kastle Universal Lending

The end-to-end workflow-driven lending solution that automates Loan and Credit Origination, Management, and Collections, shortening time-to-market and ensuring compliance.

Solution Accelerators:

IISL Solution Accelerators help organizations shorten time-to-market for new launches; cut development costs to stay competitive in pricing; and achieve the two without compromising on quality.

Solution Accelerators are ready-to-use, tried-and-tested domain-specific business application components that can be used to quickly build solutions that address business challenges.

CISSL Solution Accelerators give you both speed and customization. Our accelerators are rigorously tested technology components with specific functionality that can be the building blocks for solutions that address specific business problems. Importantly, solution accelerators can be seamlessly integrated with your existing application portfolio. As a result, they significantly cut the development time and cost; and since they have already been tested in live environments, they are qualitatively superior to components that are built from scratch.


Application Development & Maintenance

Our Application Development & Maintenance Service offerings include a host of services such as Application Rationalization, Development, Maintenance & Support, and Technology CoEs.

Business Intelligence & Enterprise Application Services

Our BI & EA offerings include Application Maintenance, BI and Advanced Analytics, BI and Data Warehousing, Enterprise Application, Enterprise DW, and Enterprise Performance Management.

Business Process Outsourcing

Benefit from a range of domain-rich, cost-efficient, and cutting-edge business solutions that increase productivity and profitability and enable service excellence.

Independent Testing & Business Compliance

Access class-leading testing services and hubs that operate on customizable, pay-per-use frameworks; focus on defect prevention; build robust testing capabilities.

Infrastructure Management Services

Leverage 365x24x7 support and alliances with industry leaders to enable peak infrastructural efficiency, build business-oriented IT setups and drive agility and growth.

Security Trusteeship Services

Security Trusteeship Services to Corporates for Secured Lending from Banks/NBFC/HFC/Financial Institutions covering products like Consortium/Project/External Commercial Finance.

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