IISL has implemented, integrated and maintained solutions for the aerospace industry that help your business cope with sudden changes in a volatile economic environment.

Asset and Wealth Management

IISL offers Asset & Wealth Management firms a range of software, services and solution accelerators to efficiently manage a variety of asset classes across the entire investment lifecycle.


Automotive IT Services The automotive industry has had a long run of success. This success can be traced back to its ability to adapt technology and design to changing customer tastes, expectations and safety requirements.


IISL provides a range of products that enhancing security, meeting changing regulatory requirements and delivering superior customer service.

Capital Markets

IISL provides brokerage-specialized software, services and solution accelerators for stock broking and clearing management, workflow and back-office management, online trading and accounting.


To foster operational efficiencies in the face of eroding profit margins, CISSL provides contracting companies with cost-effective, technology-enabled solutions



Our consultants leverage local presence and intellectual capital to provide incisive insights and offer complete project management support.


offers organizations in the Healthcare sector a wide range of services, including application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, enterprise applications and testing & compliance.


offering gives organizations access to advanced analytics and business process automation capabilities across diverse products spanning life, general, and Islamic insurance.


Our end-to-end solutions, covering ERP, SCM and CRM, provide clients with a single view of the enterprise and customer.

Financial Services

It enables financial services organizations to efficiently manage complex operations across asset management, risk management, and capital market functions.

Retail & Distribution

Our solutions combine analytical tools and automation capabilities, and help client organizations meet challenges across the retail value chain.


Our wide range of specialized software and services enable organizations to comply with stringent regulatory norms, and improve operational and cost efficiency


People and freight movement are the lifelines of a connected global economy. Transportation overcomes distance, time, weather, topography, borders, regulations, tariffs and political factors.

Telecom, Media & Entertainment

offers organizations in the telecom, media, and entertainment sector a wide range of services, including application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, enterprise applications, and testing and compliance.

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