IISL provides brokerage-specialized software, services, and solution accelerators for stockbroking and clearing management, workflow and back-office management, online trading, and accounting. We offer regulators and exchanges worldwide a best-of-breed advance warning, risk, and surveillance system.


TRADIS – Integrated Broker Office Solutions Suite

A comprehensive broker solutions suite spanning Front Office, Back Office, and Risk Management for complete control over the trading process.

AWACS – Advanced Warning and Control System

Advanced risk and surveillance engine designed to protect the integrity of capital markets and to foster financially sound marketplaces.

Arrow-Crest Solution (Western Europe)

Arrow is a real-time and stable CREST solution that enables straight-through processing, ensures compliance, automates operations, and cuts CREST-processing costs.


Application Development & Maintenance

Our Application Development & Maintenance Service offerings include a host of services such as Application Rationalization, Development, Maintenance & Support, and Technology.

CoEs.Business Intelligence & Enterprise Applications

Our BI & EA offerings include Application Maintenance, BI and Advanced Analytics, BI and Data Warehousing, Enterprise Application, Enterprise DW, and Enterprise Performance.

Management. Business Process Outsourcing.

Benefit from a range of domain-rich, cost-efficient, and cutting-edge business solutions that increase productivity and profitability and enable service excellence.

Independent Testing & Business Compliance

Access class-leading testing services and hubs that operate on customizable, pay-per-use frameworks; focus on defect prevention; build robust testing capabilities.

Infrastructure Management Services

Leverage 365x24x7 support and alliances with industry leaders to enable peak infrastructural efficiency, build business-oriented IT setups and drive agility and growth.

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