IISL offers Asset & Wealth Management firms a range of software, services, and solution accelerators to efficiently manage a variety of asset classes across the entire investment lifecycle.

C-Matis – Portfolio Management system:

A single window, end-to-end portfolio management solution that enables portfolio, and fund managers worldwide to simplify and optimize the entire investment cycle and report efficiently to clients.

Telesto – Private Banking & Wealth Management:

Telesto helps financial advisors and wealth managers enhance customer service, cut costs, and increase revenue with advanced information and automation tools.

MFund – Mutual Funds:

A portfolio accounting, valuation, and performance evaluation suite, MFund enhances business agility; increases profitability; and builds a sharper, more competitive organization.

Quantis – Asset Management Solution:

Streamline investment management, ensure compliance, and track portfolio performance to drive growth with Quantis’s end-to-end asset management capabilities.

WHTPro—US Withholding Tax Administration Solution (Western Europe)

WHTPro simplifies adherence to evolving QI Qualified Intermediaryrequirements for wealth managers and covers all IRS and FATCA regulations, enabling smoother operations.

Reporting to Clients (Western Europe)

This standalone, complete reporting solution enables greater reporting control, increased accuracy, better visibility, and incisive reports that set your business apart.

rhymeSIGHT – Investment & Wealth Management Software (Western Europe)

This web-enabled, cost-effective wealth management solution offers improved investment product support, increased throughput, and seamless information capabilities that power business-critical operational efficiency.

Flagship – Stockbroking System (Western Europe)

Flagship is a fully-integrated, Euroclear-linked private client stockbroking system that enables low-cost settlement, risk reduction, and operational efficiencies.

Altimis – Stockbroking and Clearing Software (Western Europe)

Increase customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge with this robust, client-centric solution that spans all stockbroking and portfolio management functions.

Fiscal – Integrated Stockbroking and Accounting System (Western Europe)

Fiscal ensures speed, scalability, and effective order management across all stockbroking and accounting functions to cut costs and drive business growth.

Solution Accelerators:

IISL’s Solution Accelerators help organizations shorten time-to-market for new launches; cut development costs to stay competitive in pricing; and achieve the two without compromising on quality.

Solution Accelerators are ready-to-use, tried-and-tested domain-specific business application components that can be used to quickly build solutions that address business challenges.

IISL’s Solution Accelerators give you both speed and customization. Our accelerators are rigorously tested technology components with specific functionality that can be the building blocks for solutions that address specific business problems. Importantly, solution accelerators can be seamlessly integrated with your existing application portfolio. As a result, they significantly cut the development time and cost; and since they have already been tested in live environments, they are qualitatively superior to components that are built from scratch.


Application Development & Maintenance

Our Application Development & Maintenance Service offerings include a host of services such as Application Rationalization, Development, Maintenance & Support, and Technology CoEs.

Business Intelligence & Enterprise Applications

Our BI & EA offerings include Application Maintenance, BI and Advanced Analytics, BI and Data Warehousing, Enterprise Application, Enterprise DW, and Enterprise Performance Management.

Business Process Outsourcing

Benefit from a range of domain-rich, cost-efficient, and cutting-edge business solutions that increase productivity and profitability and enable service excellence.

Independent Testing & Business Compliance

Access class-leading testing services and hubs that operate on customizable, pay-per-use frameworks; focus on defect prevention, and build robust testing capabilities.

Infrastructure Management Services

Leverage 365x24x7 support and alliances with industry leaders to enable peak infrastructural efficiency, build business-oriented IT setups and drive agility and growth.

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