While consumers increasingly use technology in their daily lives, the demand for enriched user experience is driving the need for intelligent products that provide an integrated seamless experience. In today’s competitive business environment, industries are continuously challenged with evolving technologies, innovation cycles, product re-engineering, manufacturing process optimization, and design costs. IISL, enables you to create this new wave of experience through intelligent products, intelligent connected infrastructure, and engineering & manufacturing process solutions. IISL’s solutions help to manufacture products quickly with technology expertise in software, electronics, and mechanical engineering, industry-specific knowledge, partnerships, and efficient processes. Product compliance and certification labs ensure rigorous testing of the products designed for the most extreme conditions, thus minimizing post-deployment defects and reducing the total cost of ownership for products specifically engineered for you. CISSL has enabled customers to create consumer & retail products like smart energy meters, 3D cinemascope smart TVs, portable dishwashers, point of sale terminals, and enterprise/industrial products like workforce management terminals, high-performance computers, industrial-grade wireless routers, and base station controllers. Further, CISSL is delivering a new lifestyle to consumers through custom-engineered telehealth solutions that offer freedom to patients; multi-screen TVs that offer near seamless user experience across devices; managed printing solutions that are transforming enterprise printing into a pay-per-use model; and automotive telematics & infotainment solutions that help to keep pace with rapidly changing consumer technologies inside the car. Also, a number of industries benefit from product lifecycle management, operational real-time data monitoring, engineering data management, plant visualization, and product cost-out solutions globally.