To foster operational efficiencies in the face of eroding profit margins, CISSL provides contracting companies with cost-effective, technology-enabled solutions that automate business processes and speed the delivery of budget-driven, quality products. Our solutions accelerate innovation, increase profitability, and boost organizational competitiveness.


ORION Enterprise – Enterprise Resource Planning

ORION™ Enterprise—a dynamic enterprise resource planning solution with built-in CRM, SCM, finance, and HR capabilities—allows organizations to smoothly integrate disparate teams, functions, processes, and systems, while offering sharp insights into and control over operations across the value chain.

ORION Advantage – Enterprise Resource Planning

Designed to help SMBs slash costs, speed time-to-market, and optimize resource utilization, ORION™ Advantage is a ready-to-deploy, single-window, micro-vertical-specific ERP solution that enables budget- and deadline-driven delivery of high-quality, customized products.


Application Development & Maintenance

Our Application Development & Maintenance Service offerings include a host of services such as Application Rationalization, Development, Maintenance & Support, and Technology CoEs.

Business Intelligence & Enterprise Applications

Our BI & EA offerings include Application Maintenance, BI and Advanced Analytics, BI and Data Warehousing, Enterprise Application, Enterprise DW, and Enterprise Performance Management.

Infrastructure Management Services

Leverage 365x24x7 support and alliances with industry leaders to enable peak infrastructural efficiency, build business-oriented IT setups and drive agility and growth.

Independent Testing & Business Compliance

Access class-leading testing services and hubs that operate on customizable, pay-per-use frameworks; focus on defect prevention; build robust testing capabilities.