IISL’s Application Development and Management service teams combine mature processes, robust delivery models and world-class expertise to design, build, and deploy IT applications that drive business transformation and enable cost and operational efficiencies.

Building future-facing enterprises

IISL’s Application Development and Management service teams design, build and deploy IT applications that address our client’s unique business and customer challenges. We combine mature processes, robust delivery models, and world-class expertise with helping organizations leverage technology, and drive business transformation. Our engineers enable organizations to bring cost and operational efficiencies with streamlined and modernized application portfolios.

IISL’s integrated services span consulting, application development and management, infrastructure, and BPO.


With extensive experience across Linear, Rapid Application Development, Iterative, and Agile approaches, we match clients to methodologies depending on needs, business landscape, and maturity.

We partner with global technology leaders (e.g., Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, IBM) to offer a wide range of Application Development and Management services across BFSI, retail, manufacturing, health care and life sciences, and telecom:

  • Application Development
  • Application Rationalization
  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Technology CEO


IISL’s domain specialists and expert engineers ensure that every service delivers tangible benefits:


Minimize capital expenditure
Eliminate investment in fixed infrastructure
Save on personal, training, and operating costs


Redirect internal resources to focus on the core business and mission-critical projects
Free the executive team from day-to-day process problems
Shift focus from operations to strategic thinking, process re-engineering, and innovation

Skills and Service:

Minimize the impact of rapid technological changes without changing infrastructure
Ramp up and ramp down on a need basis
Level out cyclical or seasonal fluctuations

Scalability and Adaptability:

Get access to specialized project management and consultation skills to provide high-quality services
Eliminate peak staffing problems
Improve speed and service availability

Business Service Management:

Accelerate time-to-market
Increase efficiency by consolidating and centralizing functions
Reduce the overall management burden while controlling strategic decision making
Enabling efficient, speedy, quality-driven application development

IISL has leveraged its domain expertise and application development assets across industries such as BFSI, manufacturing, retail, telecom, healthcare, and life sciences to offer Framework Solutions—domain-focused solutions that shorten application customization and development time, and speed time to market.


Framework solutions are application development and management solutions and assets (e.g., development frameworks, portal frameworks, reusable components, knowledge banks, skills, and alliances) that can be used to jumpstart application portfolio management in an organization, thus shortening the development lifecycle.

These solutions and components, however, are modified to suit each organizational technological and business requirements before they can be re-used. Thus, when deployed, they become specifically relevant to each company’s unique needs.

How do businesses benefit from Framework Solutions?

Shorten time-to-market
Get high-quality support and development services with tried-and-tested frameworks and components
Reduce the involvement of the functional team


IISL is committed to service excellence. Over the course of our extensive industry experience, we have built systems, approaches, and partnerships that have helped our clients win time and again. Here is what sets IISL apart:

Global delivery model: Efficient, speedy, and cost-effective services delivered via various global centers.
Framework solutions: Incisive domain expertise delivered via proven, quick-to-deploy framework solutions developed over more than 100 projects across sectors like banking, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, retail, telecom, life sciences, and healthcare.
Key alliances with global technology leaders: Partnerships with industry leaders in technology (Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, IBM, HP, Amazon) for best-in-class, cost-efficient services, and the most desired business outcomes.
Technology Centers of Excellence: Dedicated Technology CoEs spanning various technologies for a unified, scalable, business-specific solution.
End-to-end infrastructure management services: Full lifecycle services with varied support models for differing customer needs, greater economies of scale, and minimized TCO.
High maturity standards and rich domain expertise: SEI CMMI Level 5 certified development centers, robust quality management, and deep cross-domain expertise for cost-effective solutions and complete customer satisfaction.
When you choose IISL, you get access to these key differentiators that help us and in turn, you succeed. You get more than a solution; you get a competitive advantage.


With infrastructure designed to meet your requirements, CISSL Offshore Development Centers function as an extension of your IT department, minus the business challenges. Working exclusively for your organization, our offshore development teams are oriented to your processes and culture and trained to deliver the specific results you need.

We offer incubation teams, maintenance and support of legacy applications, and an array of other solutions via a robust management model.


With a dedicated Project Management Office, Program Managers, and specialized support staff, our Offshore Development Centers offer the following key business benefits:

Retention of business knowledge and processes
Minimized overheads, with the ability to quickly ramp up when needed
Efficient maintenance and support for legacy applications
High level of security in terms of physical and network infrastructure
Reduced technological investment
Cost-efficient access to skilled resources and incubation teams for newer technologies.